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Our Services

At Personal Financial, we want to be the Financial Life Planner for our clients. We help you clarify your financial goals and feelings around money, develop an investment and savings plan that aligns with your goals, and address and pending life changes that could affect your financial future.  

Our engagements start with an interactive process to create a financial plan. The process allows you to be clear about your goals and what it will take to reach them. We help you:

  • Define your goals,
  • Develop an action plan,
  • Implement the plan,
  • Deal with the unexpected, and
  • Monitor your progress.

We are sensitive to the impacts of planned and unplanned life changes. Change can bring up strong feelings, impact relationships and transform lives. We will help you talk through your feelings, understand your options and incorporate action steps into your financial plan.

The initial financial planning process involves at least 2 in-person meetings and a number of phone and electronic communications. We want you to get the time and attention you need to create a plan that you feel is achievable and in keeping with your life goals.

Once we get the action plan in place, you will hear from your advisor at least once a quarter to check in on your progress or discuss a financial planning theme in detail. We encourage our clients to reach out to us with questions and news about life events. We do our best work when there is an open line of communication. Sometimes it is the small stuff that can really impact your financial future.

Investment Management Services

We believe that asset allocation across diverse investment categories (stock vs, bond, foreign vs. domestic, large cap vs. small cap, real assets, etc.) is the key to long term success in reaching investment objectives.

Our Advisors consult with clients initially to determine their investment goals, risk tolerance, time horizon and other factors that may impact their investment needs. An initial portfolio, consisting of, but not limited to mutual funds, exchange-traded funds (“ETFs”), individual debt, equity securities and existing client assets will be designed in accordance with the investment objectives of the client. Portfolio holdings and asset allocations are reviewed periodically in order to rebalance the accounts based upon the client’s individual needs, stated goals and objectives.

Our Fees

We strive to be transparent so that you have a clear understanding of the fees you will pay for our services.

Comprehensive Advisory Engagements

Comprehensive engagements include both Financial Planning and Investment Management services.

Financial Planning includes one-time initial fee of $750 plus an annual fee of $4,000, which can be paid in monthly installments. Investment Management fees are billed monthly based upon the assets under our management according to the schedule below:

Traditional Advisory Engagements

From time to time we may accept clients who wish us to management their investments and provide financial consulting on a more “as needed” basis. Fees in this type of engagement are based solely on assets under management and require a minimum value of $400,000. For potential clients who are financially responsible and saving a substantial portion of their income, we may waive our minimum portfolio size with the expectation that the portfolio will reach the $400,000 target in a reasonable time.

Advisory Fees are calculated according to the below fee schedule:

Hourly Engagements

From time to time we may accept clients who only wish us to consult on specific financial planning topics. Our hourly in-office consulting rate is $300 per hour.